Editorial: Articles, perspectives, and TPDP

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Lars Vilhuber


The present issue provides a diverse selection of articles. We introduced a new type of article, “Perspectives,” in the previous issue, and continue with two such articles in the current issue, both drawn again from presentations made at the October 2020 Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN) conference. We also have a new article on the topic of “Privacy Challenges,” as well as  the first of several journal versions of contributions to TPDP 2020. We open with a regular article on the topic of  "Differentially private false discovery rate control."

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Vilhuber, Lars. 2021. “Editorial: Articles, Perspectives, and TPDP”. Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality 11 (2). https://doi.org/10.29012/jpc.801.

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