Steve Fienberg and Student Research

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Samuel L Ventura


I was nervous when giving my first presentation to our US Census research group as a young graduate student:  Steve was in the room, and I was not sure if my record linkage research was any good. While I was presenting, Steve seemingly paid no attention to what I was saying.  I would glance his direction when presenting each slide, and every time, he was typing something on his iPad and not watching my presentation at all. That's okay, I thought.  He's probably really busy, and shouldn't be wasting his time on my talk.

After the meeting, I got back to my desk and checked my inbox, only to find seven emails from Steve, each with a paper that I should read that related to different parts of my work.  His feedback in these emails helped shape the directions of my future research.

That was Steve.  He always made time for sharing constructive feedback on student research, and he could multitask better than anyone I've ever met.

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