Featherweight PINQ

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Hamid Ebadi
David Sands


Differentially private mechanisms enjoy a variety of composition properties. Leveraging these, McSherry introduced PINQ (SIGMOD 2009), a system empowering non-experts to construct new differentially private analyses. PINQ is an LINQ-like API which provides automatic privacy guarantees for all programs which use it to mediate sensitive data manipulation. In this work we introduce featherweight PINQ , a formal model capturing the essence of PINQ. We prove that any program interacting with featherweight PINQ’s API is differentially private.

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Ebadi, Hamid, and David Sands. 2017. “Featherweight PINQ”. Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality 7 (2). https://doi.org/10.29012/jpc.v7i2.653.