In this special issue, we solicit innovative research articles on the future directions of
secure and safe restricted data management based on discussion of the current practices and
challenges addressed at the "2022 NAHDAP-ICPSR restricted data workshop." Submissions are not restricted to workshop participants. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Restricted data use application procedures and requirements
    • Institutional sign-off; costs for data assess; application procedures for a multiple- organizations research team; application requirements for those with limited resources
  • Disclosure review processes, principles, and rules
    • Standardized disclosure review process; automatic review process; disclosure risks of individuals vs. group of individuals (e.g., tribes); data import; disclosure review process for different modes of data access (physical data enclave, virtual data enclave)
  • Risks and returns of permitting linkages to external data sources
  • Legal and contractual requirements for restricted data access (data use agreements (DUA))
    • DUA liability; challenges with modifying/negotiating DUA
    • Responses to violations and breaches in the use of restricted data
  • Ways to foster secure and inclusive data access; training
    • Training contents; ethical use of data (no stigma; no harmful stereotype); validation of training across organizations
  • Equitable and inclusive approaches to restricted data access
  • Beyond quantitative data: secure management of qualitative data and newly emerged data (e.g., EEG data)

Deadline for submitting is October 1 st , 2022. Please submit to the Journal’s submission system, selecting “NAHDAP-ICPSR restricted data workshop” as “Section” so the Journal can route your submission accordingly.